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Coach Lassiter is the head coach for volleyball and assistant coach for baseball, and he also helps with Sanderson High School In Raleigh Men’s Varsity Basketball Team.  This is his first year as a head coach. Last year he helped out with a high school basketball team in Greenville while he was at ECU. The volleyball season went great. They tied for first place in  their conference and were co-champions. They will be losing a lot of really good 8th graders this year but he is really excited about the talented 7th and 6th graders they will have coming back next year. He likes to bring a lot of energy, confidence and he tries and tries to always stay positive. He also really tries to make sure everyone feels like an important part of the team. He likes to get ideas from the players and let them lead. He doesn't believe in being the type of coach who has to control every single thing.He thinks that having 6th graders being able to tryout is great. It gives everyone the same opportunity to be a part of the team. By: Cameron Hicks


Mrs.Weeks coaches volleyball and basketball as an assistant coach. It is her first year to coach both of these sports at Clayton Middle school. She thinks that the volleyball team had an exceptional year and played well and ended up being co-champs .She says that the volleyball team will be losing a lot of 8th graders, but the returning players will add to the experience and the strength of the team. She is excited for the basketball season and has high hopes for the team. She wants to emphasize teamwork and respect for one another. She thinks that if we do not work as a team, we cannot be successful. We have to respect one another, along with the other teams.  She likes to push the teams to their highest potential.She feels that allowing the 6th graders to tryout for sports teams allows them to grow as individuals and athletes. They are able to have an extra year to develop their athletic skills by practicing and competing with older athletes.  

By: Ethan Knapheide

Mrs.Schendel one of the assistant coaches for the volleyball team. This is her first year with the Clayton Middle school team, but she was the assistant volleyball coach for 2 years at the school she used to work at. She is so excited about being co-champions. She said the girls worked so hard this season, and made some great improvements. They were fun to work with, and she is so proud of all of them. Teamwork is really important especially for volleyball.  A big part of the game is trusting your teammates, and communicating, so she think it’s important to practice that way, also. She think it’s great for all grade levels to show off their skills. It’s nice as a coach to have an opportunity to pull from a wider variety of students. It’s also nice to have 6th graders because it allows us to “grow” them for 3 years, instead of 2. Also, she probably partial to 6th graders, since she teach them.

By: James Adams


Mr. Williams has been a football and track coach. The 2016 Football season was his first season as a head football coach. He volunteered as an assistant football for 2012 and 2015 season at Clayton Middle. As for track, he assisted the 2012 Clayton MIddle School and the 2014 track team at Riverwood Middle School. He plans to volunteer some time with Mr. Butler and Mrs. Turner this track season. The 2016 season was a great experience for everyone who was involved in the success of the CMS football program.  He believe the students did a great job learning and applying the fundamentals of the game. They had an opportunity to expand their team working and building skills. They developed friendships on and off the football field.  

As for the upcoming season, returning students get an opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills, while sharing their knowledge of the football team’s philosophy on sportsmanship and team-winning. As for upcoming 7th graders, we are looking for a good turn-out next season to help grow our CMS football program. His coaching method is framed to help students to develop a winning attitude on and off the field, while demonstrating a good degree of competency and skills in their respective position on the field. With this experience, students will be able to demonstrate confidence and a positive outlook on how to be competitive and a good sportsman in the game.  It is my hopes students will make the most of their football experience and be a source of inspiration for their peers and upcoming CMS football players.  Therefore, my coaching philosophy is to help students know they are apart of a team/school culture of building a legacy of good character, sportsmanship and winning attitudes on and off the field.

It is my belief that 6th graders should not be in full contact with 7th and 8th graders because of the physical stature and development of the average 6th grader.  However, he do believe 6th graders could condition with the team and intern with the coaching staff to become familiar with the football program, as they prepare for their upcoming season or the next season of eligibility. This will give the coaching staff an opportunity to build the coach-player relationship that fosters more effective team management of team roster(s), within the comprehensive planning of the football program. Moreover, the students get an opportunity to grow with the spirit and culture of the program, as well as the school.
By: James Adams

So far coach Connolly has only coached football, but if needed, he feels as if he could coach other sports as well. This was his first season as an assistant coach with the football team at the Middle School level. He has previously been an assistant coach for pee wee football, a head coach and an assistant for YMCA soccer for two seasons. He can honestly say he was disappointed in our season, having only won one game made him feel badly for the kids and wondering what he could have done differently as a coach. He is excited about the upcoming season. Being together for a second season as a coaching staff will help tremendously, and there were some very promising 7th graders on the team.

By: James Adams Jacobs

Keith Jacobs is the assistant coach of the football team. He has been assistant coach of the football team for 6 years. “The football team had a good year. Players became close as the season progressed. There were some missed opportunities during the season but the team did improve. At this point, we have some good players coming back and look forward to some of our new 7th graders coming on board. We should have a successful season. I believe all players should be positioned for success. Teamwork is definitely a must when playing football.  Teams that typically know the fundamentals of blocking and tackling progress well in our conference.” Jacobs stated about the season. His tries to instill in all players the importance of having the right mindset in order to play fundamental football. He thinks that at this time, 6th graders should not be allowed to play middle school football because of the mental and physical strain on their young bodies.  They should continue to allow only 7th and 8th students to participate in middle school football.

By:James Adams phillips

Mr.Phillips is the Head coach for boys soccer assistant for girls soccer.He has been the Assistant and coach for 9 years.He feels that we had a successful season. We are competitive with everyone we played and grew a lot in our soccer skills. He is looking forward to seeing how our seventh and sixth graders grow for next season. He’s tried to  have uptempo practices to increase conditioning without having use practice time just for conditioning. He also try to utilize game-like situations when practicing skills to encourage players to utilize them in games. He thinks it encourages competition and makes our program better. With a wider selection of players to choose from, our teams will be filled with better players. By: Ethan Knapheide sch

Mr.Schachle was the head coach for baseball and the assistant coach for soccer. He also coach club soccer for Triangle Futbol Club. This was his second year for both baseball and soccer for CMS. he feels that the soccer team did well but could have done better and he is very excited for the upcoming baseball season. He has a lot of returning starters to the team and is amped to see what the new season brings. He is very aggressive when coaching soccer due to having a long history with the game and  he wants the players to understand the game and how to play it the right way. In baseball he is also aggressive but not as much as soccer due to only playing.

By: Ethan Knapheide

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