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Girls track, Head coach: Michael Butler

  1. How do you feel about the upcoming track season?

“I’m excited, looking forward to see how many 6th graders come out and see the impact they can make. Also I love to get outside the heat just in the classroom.”

     2.   How do you feel about the experience of the 8th graders?

“It’s hard to answer until I see who all comes out to try-out. Overall I feel good about the 7th graders growth from last years.”

Congratulations to the 2017 Girl's track team!

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The track team will practice 3:35 - 5:00 Monday through Thursday starting this Monday, February 27th.  There will be a mandatory parent meeting on Tuesday, February 28th at 5:00 p.m.  Paperwork will be sent home on Monday and needs to be returned by Wednesday so we can practice at the Clayton High School track on Thursday March 2nd.  Athletes need to be picked up at the home side of the high school stadium at 5:00pm on this day.

Girls Track Meet 3-7 On March 7th, 2017 the Girls track team came in 2nd place in the overall meet.

Long Jump:  Brionna Riley came in 2nd place while Avy Anderson came in 3rd.

Shot Put: Kaylie Baker came in 2nd with 30-1

100m Hurdles: Akiyah Lowery came in 2nd place with 18.0 as her time

1600m: Noelle came in 1st place as her personal record-6:40.7

4x100m: Team A (Priya Murray, Alexis Lazarus, Karli Bossman, Danielle Williams) came in 1st place

400m:  Daisha Dunlop came in 1st followed by Carlee Mitchell in 2nd

100m: Danielle Williams came in 1st followed by Alexis Lazarus in 3rd

4x200m: Team A (Abby Carr, Daisha Dunlop, Kaylie Baker, Faith Rogers) came in 1st place

800m: Carlee Mitchell came in 1st in the event and her personal time-2:52.9

200m: Danielle Williams came in 1st followed by Priya Murray in 4th

4x400m: Team A (Caroline Shaw, Kristian Muir, Bella Koester, Carlee Mitchell) Came in 2nd

Girls track did a wonderful job.

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3/14 Girls Track

Girls track competed against Riverwood and Smithfield. Girls Track came in 2nd place in the overall meet.

Long Jump: Brionna Riley came in 2nd with 12-11 as her distance

100m: Karli Bossman came in 2nd with 16.8 as her time, while Akiyah Lowery got injured so she couldn’t continue the race

1600m: Noelle Roberson came in 3rd with 6:34 as her time

4x100m: Team A( Priya Murray, Alexis Lazarus, Karli Bossman, Danielle Williams) took 1st with 55.0 as their time

400m: Carlee Mitchell took 2nd as 1:08.6 as her time followed by Brionna Riley with 4th as 1:10.4 as her time

100m:  Danielle Williams took 1st with 13.9 as her time followed by Faith Rogers took 4th with 14.0 as her time.

4x200m: Team A( Priya Murray, Alexis Lazarus, KArli Bossman, Brionna Riley) took 1st with 2:01.2 as their time

800m: Carlee Mitchell took 1st as 2:55.9 her time

200m:  Priya Murray took 3rd as 30.3 her time

4x400m: Team A( Ava Toth, Avy Anderson, Daisha Dunlop, Carlee Mitchell) took 1st at 4:57 as their time

The Girls Track did a wonderful job !
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