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Coach Greene is the Head coach of the  Clayton Middle school softball team. In an interview she stated that she was very excited about the upcoming season. She is also excited about the 8th graders coming back.She also believes that the 6th graders will blend in well with the other players.Coach Greene stated that she will run the practices this season based on what her players need to work on this season. During the interview we asked her what traits she looked for in a team. She responded that she looked for traits such as hard working, working together,team worker , and good sportsmanship.

Softball VS McGees

The Lady Eagles beat the McGees Mustangs 7-3. The Eagles had lots of energy and confidence. Ashley Norton got a single and a double. Jaden kapusta pitched a great game with only allowing 3 runs. McGees Mustangs weren't as confident and got scared. The Lady Eagles will be playing Archers Lodge on Thursday.Go Eagles!

Softball VS Riverwood 4-20

The Lady Eagles lost 5-1 against Riverwood. Coach Greene stated that “the girls played much better defensively, hitting was improved as well but the girls were unable to find the gaps”.

Softball VS Archer Lodge 3/30

The Lady Eagles squared off against Archer Lodge on Thursday with an 14-2 win. According to the players, they had improved hitting and better defense. The team worked better as a team and had better hits and catches.The Lady Eagles have had trouble this season but it seems to be turning around. Coach Greene stated it was an overall good team win.

Softball VS McGees

The Lady Eagles took on McGee's for a tough softball game. The Lady Eagles started off strong, but the game started going downhill in the 5th inning. Ashley Norton, 2nd basemen, says that “the team worked better together than any other time.” The team says that their problem is that they have a hard time catching grounder. When asked why they thought McGee's won they said that they have the same skill level as them but McGee's had more self confidence. The Lady Eagles lost 6 to 9.

Softball VS Cleveland 3/20

Errors plagued the Lady Eagles in their 8-0 loss against the Cleveland Rams for the 3rd game of the season. The Lady Eagles kept them scoreless for 4 innings in their 1st conference game of the season. The team wasn’t able to connect with the bat and are still having trouble working as a team. Next game is Thursday afternoon against the Riverwood Ravens.

Softball vs North Johnston Jaguars 3/16

The Lady Eagles squared off against the powerhouse North Johnston Jaguars for the 2nd game of the season. Although they lost 7-0, they had a good game defensively but had a hard time hitting the ball. Ashley Norton stated that “the team needed to work together in the upcoming games.”

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