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Johnston County Middle School

Basketball Schedule



Dec. 1

Dec. 5

Dec. 8

Clayton vs Selma

Clayton vs Benson

Clayton vs Four Oaks

Smithfield vs Four Oaks

Smithfield vs Selma

Smithfield vs Benson

Cleveland vs Benson

Cleveland vs Four Oaks

Cleveland vs Selma

Riverwood vsPrinceton

Riverwood vs Meadow

Riverwood vs North Johnston

McGees' vs Meadow

McGees' vs North Johnston

McGees' vs Princeton

Arch. Lodge vs North Johnston

Archer Lodge vs Princeton

Archer Lodge vsMeadow


Dec. 12

Dec. 15

Jan. 5

Smithfield vs Archer Lodge

Archer Lodge vs McGees'

Archer Lodge vs Cleveland

McGees' vs Riverwood

Riverwood vs Clayton

Riverwood vs Smithfield

Clayton vs Cleveland

Cleveland vs Smithfield

McGees' vs Clayton

Princeton vs Selma

Selma vs Meadow

Benson vs Selma

Meadow vs North Johnston

Four Oaks vs Princeton

North Johnston vs Four Oaks

Benson vs Four Oaks

North Johnston vs Benson

Meadow vs Princeton

Jan. 9

Jan. 12

Jan. 17

Clayton vs Archer Lodge

Archer Lodge vs Riverwood

Archer Lodge vs Smithfield

Cleveland vs Riverwood

McGees' vs Cleveland

Riverwood vs McGees'

Smithfield vs McGees'

Smithfield vs Clayton

Cleveland vs Clayton

Princeton vs Benson

Meadow vs Benson

Selma vs Princeton

Four Oaks vs Meadow

North Johnston vs Princeton

North Johnston vs Meadow

Selma vs North Johnston

Selma vs Four Oaks

Four Oaks vs Benson

Jan. 19

Jan. 23

Jan. 30

McGees' vs Archer Lodge

Cleveland vs Archer Lodge

Archer Lodge vs Clayton

Clayton vs Riverwood

Smithfield vs Riverwood

Riverwood vs Cleveland

Smithfield vs Cleveland

Clayton vs McGees'

McGees' vs Smithfield

Meadow vs Selma

Selma vs Benson

Benson vs Princeton

Princeton vs Four Oaks

Four Oaks vs North Johnston

Meadow vs Four Oaks

Benson vs North Johnston

Princeton vs Meadow

North Johnston vs Selma

Feb. 2

Home Teams are in Bold

Girl's game begins @ 4:15.

Boys game begins 10 min. after

Admission $5.00

Riverwood vs Archer Lodge

Cleveland vs McGees'

Clayton vs Smithfield

Benson vs Meadow

Princeton vs North Johnston

Four Oaks vs Selma



Mr.Jorgensen is the coach of the girls basketball team. This is his second year as the head coach. He is looking forward to a great season with the CMS Lady eagles basketball team. One of his quotes as a coach is “Hard work on the basketball court will lead to wins”. He feels that having 6th graders being able to try out is a great idea because it gives him a chance to get all the talent he can this year and for many years to come.

By: Cameron Hicks weeks

Mrs.Weeks coaches volleyball and basketball as an assistant coach. It is her first year to coach both of these sports at Clayton Middle school. She thinks that the volleyball team had an exceptional year and played well and ended up being co-champs .She says that the volleyball team will be losing a lot of 8th graders, but the returning players will add to the experience and the strength of the team. She is excited for the basketball season and has high hopes for the team. She wants to emphasize teamwork and respect for one another. She thinks that if we do not work as a team, we cannot be successful. We have to respect one another, along with the other teams.  She likes to push the teams to their highest potential.She feels that allowing the 6th graders to tryout for sports teams allows them to grow as individuals and athletes. They are able to have an extra year to develop their athletic skills by practicing and competing with older athletes.  

By: Ethan Knapheide

thorne Mrs.Throrne coached girl’s soccer. She loved coaching spring sports because she gets spring fever in March and is ready to be outside enjoying the warm weather. She liked that she can relate to students outside at practice in a way that is different from how she can relate to them in the classroom. Mrs.Thorne is excited about our upcoming season because we have a great core group of athletes returning from last year, and truly believes there is enough talent walking the halls of Clayton Middle School to win a conference championship in track.  It’s her hope that lots of students will come out and give it a shot, because she thinks most students are surprised by what they can accomplish with a little bit of effort and training. By: Ethan Knapheide greeme

Ms.Greene is the coach of basketball and softball at CMS. She has been a coach for 17 years. She is very excited about the upcoming season and she has a lot of returning players. She said there is a lot of work to do. One of her coaching methods is to be an intense coach and she demands a lot of her players every time they step onto the court. She works them very hard and makes the practices very tough. She said that 6th graders being able to try out is good for the school and it allows the players in the program to develop earlier.

By: Cameron Hicks

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